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Summertime – and the living is easy …

In the western world, it is very common to have a summer holiday. This remains unusual in Asia, but many Asians, especially those who are working in foreign-owned companies, as well as expatriates, are starting to take the opportunity to enjoy summer vacations or visit family and friends.

This led us to ask several of our members:

How are you going to spend your summer?

Here are the answers.

19 JUNE, 2019


Mingxi Zhi, Car-O-Liner, Beijing

“I would like to travel together with my family. My work involves a lot of business travel, but time is always limited, and I miss lots of places of interest, beautiful scenery and, in particular food, leaving me slightly regretful after every trip, like an unplanted seed. Summer vacation is now time for that seed to sprout and enjoy a real journey with my family.”


Joe Gong, Nordic Business House, Shanghai

“Summer for me means two weeks’ vacation somewhere in Europe. This year, it’s going to be Italy and Greece. I can’t wait to spend lazy summer afternoons, people-watching with a coffee in my hand, or playing beach volleyball until the sun goes down.”


Erik Halldén, Handelsbanken, Shanghai

“I’m going to spend my summer pretending the sea in the Stockholm archipelago is warm enough to frolic in, while sailing around with family and friends and visiting some of the 30,000 islands scattered around Stockholm. I will also spend some time fishing and hiking in Dalarna, where my girlfriend’s family has a cabin. After that, I look forward to being reunited with close friends in the long-lingering Shanghai summer. Life is good!”


Denise Nordström, H&M, Shanghai

“This summer, my goal is to spend as much time with my family as possible, since I’ve been living in Shanghai for the past 2-1/2 years. The last time I was in Sweden was Christmas. I’m going to spend three weeks in the countryside in Skåne, in southern Sweden, with family and friends. What we usually do there is sunbathe, sail and enjoy barbeque nights. Since it’s so close to Denmark, we’re going to spend a weekend in Copenhagen as well. Then I’ll be back to enjoy the heat in Shanghai!”


Camilla Porling, Consulate General of Sweden to Hong Kong and Macau

“I’m looking forward to spending a few wonderful weeks in Sweden, mostly in the Stockholm area and in Småland. I miss Sweden, friends and family more than usual this year and I’m now counting the days. No fancy trip this summer!”


Karin Lundholm, Once a Day, Hong Kong

“Being an entrepreneur, it’s tricky to take time off and be fully disconnected from work, so I’m going to combine client visits in Sweden and Denmark, delivering suits and organising local pop-up events, with family time in Dalarna. My brand, Once a Day, is positioned as a Swedish lifestyle brand for men, so I’ll also organise a photo shoot in Stockholm.”


Mikael Söderberg, APC Asia Pacific Cargo, Hong Kong

“This summer we’ll be spending most of our time here in Hong Kong. This is our first year in Asia so we’ll probably take a trip somewhere in Asia later in the summer to see something new. At the same time Hong Kong has a lot to offer in terms of the outdoors, so we don’t in a rush to go anywhere else. We do have a short trip planned to Sweden to attend a wedding for a few days and then visit family in Portugal for a week. We’re looking forward to catching up with family and those we don’t see as often as before. That will, of course, be a highlight this summer.”


Anders Wahlström, SAS Greater China, Beijing

“As I´m still fairly new to Greater China I will continue to explore Beijing and its surroundings. There is so much to see. My youngest son will pay me a visit and, among other things, we’ll take a hike on the Great Wall. I’ll also start taking classes in Chinese before I fly to Sweden to visit family and friends and I’ll also spend time coaching my sales team as summer is high season for Scandinavia travel.”


Joakim Abeleen, Business Sweden, Beijing

“I’ll spend a few weeks at my summer house in southern Sweden and practice the art of doing nothing – just working in the garden, taking long walks in nature, talking to animals, paddle surfing and brushing up my Chinese by preparing for an HSK-test. When my level is good enough I’ll return to China and spend some more time exploring Beijing during the slightly warmer summer there.”