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Wishes for the Year of the Pig

On 5 February, we entered the Year of the Pig, the last zodiac sign in Chinese astrology. In Chinese culture, pigs represent wealth and treasure, because of their importance within an agrarian society. Pigs are also associated with being prosperous, lucky, and fortunate.

This led us to the question we asked some of our members:

What is your biggest personal goal for the Year of the Pig?

And here are the answers.

20 MARCH, 2019


Emily Zhang, Pan Pacific, Beijing

“For life: travel as much as possible, carry on learning Swedish and cherish every moment with family and friends. For work: strive to learn from Steve Jobs who said ‘Do not try to do everything. Do one thing well’.”


Henry Zhang, Lotus Travel, Beijing

“Ever since I joined Lotus Travel last year, I’ve found out that Sweden is an amazing country, which I am deeply addicted to [when it comes to] its nature, landscape, culture, people, food, activities and museums. I’ve already travelled there for about one month, but my family haven’t been there yet. This year, I really hope that I can organise a trip to Sweden with my wife and daughter, to give them a unique and totally unforgettable experience.”


Johannes Rogert, Edward Lynx China, Shanghai

“Since my work is very much interlaced with my personal life, my goal is to grow myself, our business and our clients’ operations here in China. Hopefully this growth will involve working together with some of you reading this. Happy prosperous Year of the Pig!”


Anna Löfstedt, Volvo Cars, Shanghai

“My personal goal is to travel more in China and experience different parts of the country. Times flies when you live here, and it’s easy to think that ‘I’ll do it later’.”


Louise Österberg, Consulate General of Sweden in Shanghai

“My biggest personal goal for the Year of the Pig is to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. I especially intend to fly less and only buy clothes that are made of eco-friendly materials. Those changes, I believe, will most efficiently reduce the environmental impact of my life right now.”


Mathieu Carpentier, MSH China, Beijing

“I have been reading about the Pig year and found out about its favourable materialistic objectives. Its good fortune could lead to a wealthier life, to the success of new material projects. My primary pig-related annual goal is to purchase a property in France for relaxing back home with friends.”

Anna Strandberg

Anna Strandberg, Business Sweden, Hong Kong

“Every year I do an evaluation of my previous year and set new goals, values I want to live by and character traits I’d like to develop for the next year. The biggest goal for this year is to spend more time reading and identifying the ultimate method to take in information on a daily, weekly and monthly base, what sources to use, etc. However, the most fun goal is to take vocal lessons!”


Malin Rigneus, Leva Counselling, Hong Kong

“I’ve got a few habits that I’m trying to embed into my daily routine this year. I turn off all technology one hour before going to bed, in order to read more and improve my sleep quality. As I’m lucky to live close to nature, I hike for 30 minutes most weekdays before work. I find the hiking improves my focus, creativity and overall general health. On a professional level, I’m planning to attend more networking events to promote my business of preventing stress and increasing psychological wellbeing in the workplace.”