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Missing something Swedish?

Living abroad often means that you have to sacrifice certain products or services that you have been taken for granted back in your home country. However, if you live in the big cities in mainland China, or in Hong Kong, there are still possibilities to get at least some of your favourite food and products from stores that specialise in selling Swedish items.

However, there might be certain things that you are really longing for and that are difficult to find.

This was the question we asked some of our members:
Which Swedish product or service do you miss in China?
And here are the answers.

15 JUNE, 2018


Antonia Adele

Daniel Wellington, Hong Kong
“One service I miss in Hong Kong is something equivalent to the Swedish payment system named Swish. It’s used for transferring money between all Swedish banks and as a payment solution in stores and online.”


Isabell Lönnqvist

Young Professionals, Hong Kong
“I wish Hong Kong had flavoured quark, or better dairy products in general. It is the best quick meal to have after a nice workout!”


Alma Ek

Young Professionals, Hong Kong
“I miss high-quality plant-based products in the supermarkets. Plant-based butter and cheese, havre fraîche (crème fraîche made of oats), vegan sausages and beefs and oumph. And of course: vegan fast food.”


Madeleine Asplund

Nordea, Shanghai
“Swedish caviar! I used to rely on IKEA but I guess the demand of the Swedish delicacy is a bit too low. So now I have learnt to eat my eggs without caviar. It actually works, and is a lot healthier too!”


Andreas Reibring

Kairos Future, Shanghai
“Are there any services in Sweden that don’t exist here? But oh, I do miss whipped cream, of the Swedish fresh and well-tasting kind.”


Andreas Gustavsson

Volvo Cars, Shanghai
“The only thing I miss is the Swedish food. Anything from pea soup to ”en halv special” [a hot dog in bread with mashed potato on top]”.


Min Li

Six Year Plan, Beijing
“I do miss the special Swedish cake princessbakelse (Princess Cake) when I am back in China. Last summer in Sweden, it was the first time I ate it when I visited a good Swedish friend in the south of Sweden. They told me that it was a Princess Victoria Cake they especially bought for me. They did not have this often and got this for me to try. I felt so blessed and grateful to taste this delicious, sweet and beautiful cake. Now, I always remember them (my good friend’s parents) when I taste some cakes… It reminds me of love and caring from faraway Sweden.”


Huang Dawei

Stiga, Beijing
“The first thing that came out of my mind is the surplus spare time with my family that I appreciated most when I lived in Sweden. Moving back to China, I have less time to stay with my kids due to the busy business. But when it comes to food, blueberry pie with vanilla custard and semla buns are the best food that I miss the most in China.”